StarStruckSaga Book Series || A Young Adult Love Story

Welcome to our little world of Starstruck Saga! We fondly recall the thrill of our first concert experience and celebrity crush. The fantasy of being the girl in the sea of fans that caught and held their idols’ attention has lingered over the years and developed into the inspiration for the saga. People say write what you know and the Starstruck Saga is a fictional account of our journey.

This is our first novel, but our work has evolved after 25 years of creating stories for each other. Our long-standing friendship imparts a unique voice to our writing and a deep commitment to producing fun, engaging reads! Beware. This is not a literary masterpiece, nor did we intend this book series to win any prestigious awards. In truth, we are just two regular girls who have a tremendously (and hilariously!) good time writing together. We must admit, we’re both easily bored and wanted to create a fast-paced story with very little descriptive narrative. Much like any TV miniseries, each chapter is set up more like a scene.

We imagined each character as a cast member and gave their voice strength by introducing the first ever Internalog (an internal dialogue!) to enable the viewer (that’s you! the reader!) to connect with them on a deeper level.  The plot itself jumps in time with a unique take on “fast-forwarding” or “rewinding” each scene, just to keep you on your toes.

We are crossing our fingers and making a big wish that, you too, will find this new way of telling a story a truly entertaining experience. We hope you will laugh-out-loud, shed some tears and fall in love with a character or two!

So, what are you waiting for? Start reading!